2019 the year print marketing died!

Over the past ten years, internet marketing has become the go-to for a lot of buyers looking to secure their next new home as it offers the ability for you to consume the information in different ways from text and photos through to videos and full virtual walkthroughs. This new form of marketing property has to lead a lot of consumers to believe that internet is now the only method required when selling a home however it is my firm opinion that print still plays an essential part in property marketing for the following reasons

1. Print media allows you to reach people that are market observers today, who become buyers of tomorrow

You may be thinking what do I mean by this statement? Well its quite simple so let me give you an example.

Mr & Mrs Smith live in a large family home where their kids have all moved out, they are getting older and find it difficult to navigate the stairs at the property, and although they are not active buyers, they love having a coffee at the local coffee shop every Thursday.

Mr Smith is flicking through the real estate guide like he does every week and comes across a very neat a tidy three-bedroom home on a level block that is only a short walk from the coffee shop. This one small moment becomes the “Light Bulb” moment that activates Mr & Mrs Smith as they quickly make the decision that now is the time to move.

You see print media helps agents connect to emotional buyers that are not actively looking on real estate websites and research tells us it’s these people that are typically more willing to pay that extra 10% premium for a property as they can form an emotional attachment to the property.

2. Digital marketing is only effective if you are searching within your target suburb.

Through years of selling properties, I have discovered that buyers don’t always know exactly what they are looking for. A buyer may tell the agent they are after a three-bedroom home in Glenorchy and end up buying a two-bedroom property in Old Beach.

This can happen when the market is bustling like it is at the moment because people get frustrated when they are unable to find their dream home in their dream suburb.

Print marketing can help with this as the newspaper has no boundaries when it comes to property location and people become more focused on the features a property offers not location when looking through the real estate guide.

3. Marketing campaigns without print media exposure are like puzzles with missing pieces

Look at it this way if print, digital, signboards, social media, office databases, etc all form part of a marketing puzzle why would you leave a piece out? How can you confidently say that the missing segment is not going to be the marketing method that helped you achieve an extra 10% on the sale price of your property?

You must not look at marketing costs as an expense but an investment in the profit you are going to make when you achieve a successful sale of your home, and this is the underlining mistake a lot of sellers make when taking their property to the market.