Affordable Home Renovations That Will Add Instant Value to Your Property

Adding value to your home before you sell can be surprisingly easy, fast and affordable. Start with a few tasks that don’t cost a thing and then choose a handful of quick home renovation ideas that won’t break the bank.

Start with what’s free

Get home improvement advice

Engaging a local real estate to give you advice on the local market and the kind of buyers looking in your area is a smart move. This can help you to understand which home improvements will make the biggest difference and where to spend your money. You could even engage a local interior designer, making the most of a free consultation!

Have a clean up

Cleaning up your home can make a huge difference to the value of your home and the only thing it costs you is time. Prune, trim and weed your garden and unblock obscured views. Pressure clean your driveway, pathways, paving and walls and say goodbye to years of mould, mildew and grime. Every clean makes a big difference!

Declutter your space

Removing unwanted things from your home can open up your living spaces and make them feel much grander. Sell your unwanted items with a garage sale and you can even make money from your declutter! Use the Feng Shui method to clear your clutter for best effect.

Download an app

There are a ton of apps out there that make planning and completing your home renovation that much simpler. Why mess about with notepads and multiple documents when these apps can keep all your design ideas in one handy space?

Browse Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultimate inspiration when adding value to your home, offering oodles of DIY advice, styling suggestions, recommended layouts and buyers checklists. You name it, you’ll find it on Pinterest.

Inexpensive and quick renovation ideas

Now you’ve tackled the free things, start planning your renovation spends. Need cash to fund these renovations?

Hang mirrors

Mirrors can help a small space appear larger, giving buyers the impression your square metrage is a lot more than what’s advertised. Mirrors also reflect natural light which you can never have enough of. Check out these top tips for how to hang a mirror.

Replace curtains with roller blinds

Nothing screams the need for a home renovation more than old moth eaten curtains. A simple fix is roller blinds. Roller blinds are a good budget replacement and you can choose from a huge range of design and colour options. Just make sure you measure up correctly and keep colours fairly neutral to appeal to a wide spectrum of possible buyers.

Install a new bathroom vanity

You don’t have to give your entire bathroom an overhaul to make an impact. Simply changing out your old vanity for a new one can give your bathroom a totally different feel. Can’t afford a stone slab? A tiled counter resists water but costs a lot less and is easy for DIYers to install. Another good move would be to replace your shower screen. Newer designs - semi-frameless and frameless - are low profile and will help your space look larger.

Paint your roof

Replacing your roof can cost in the tens of thousands and if it’s structurally sound it doesn’t make sense to replace it. Instead, hire someone to give the roof a good clean with a pressure hose and if it needs sprucing up, throw a lick of paint over it.

Add Air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is a common box on homebuyer checklists so if you don’t have it, consider getting a system installed. Reverse cycle air conditioning doesn’t come cheap but the return on investment makes it worth the splurge.

Apply your green thumb

For a few hundred dollars you can completely transform the front of your home through planting, giving your home extra curb appeal. According to Open Agent, landscaping can add as much as $15,000 to the value of your home! Choose flowering plants, shrubs or even a tree and consider laying new turf if your garden is looking tired.

Update your kitchen cabinetry

Kitchens sell houses and outdated kitchens can instantly turn a potential buyer off. Modern cabinetry is all about ease of use - think soft close drawers - and maximising your storage options above and below the benchtop.

Remove an internal wall

If your real estate agent tells you that buyers are drawn to a communal approach to living, consider taking out an internal wall and opening up your living space. A unified kitchen/dining/living room is a great return on investment. Just be sure to consult a structural engineer to make sure your wall isn’t load bearing.

Revamp the entrance

First impressions count so it’s worthwhile pumping some money into the place that will welcome your potential buyers - the entrance. Paint the front door a strong colour, update doorway furniture and the entrance mat and add a modern and stylish letterbox.

Clean the carpets

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned can make a huge difference to the look (and smell) of your home. If no amount of cleaning will improve the look of your carpet, consider replacing it. The same goes for floorboards with obvious signs of wear and tear.

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Guest Author: Ben Hugh Student of Bachelor of Communications (Journalism & Digital and Social Media)