How technology is shifting the real estate industry

As we enter 2020, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a look at how technology is changing the industry and what it means for you as the consumer.

There are three significant points that I believe are the turning points of our industry and are shaping how people search and inquire about properties for sale.

The first of these is “Information”, and the internet is full of it these days so as consumers you can know more about a house you are interested in purchasing before you have even attended the property. Websites like will provide you with a projected price range on a property along will giving you the ability for a small fee to download a detailed report based on their algorithms that will help you better understand the value of the home.

As an agent, this means we have to be well educated as to the information that is out in the public domain so we can correctly price properties before going to market to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

The second digital shift we are seeing is towards online property listings, these days gone are the days of agents holding details back about the homes they are marketing in the hope that this will help a client pick up the phone and call them for additional information. Instead, if the info a purchaser requires is not available, they move onto the next property without giving it another thought.

With this in mind we here at 4one4 Media House put a strong effort as part of our property onboarding to ensure our listing when they go live have, ample photos, videos, virtual tours, floor plans, detailed property information, rates and any other relevant information that could potentially be required by a purchaser in making their decision to inspect the property.

And finally, the third emerging trend we see a significant uptake in is “Virtual Tours/VR Tours”. These tours allow a user to do a physical inspection of an entire property from the comfort of their own home and will enable them to see every corner of the property before deciding to inspect the house in real life. This information is critical in improving the user’s experience as they can get a real sense for a home as these tours provide a 98% true to life experience.

The real key to selling property in 2020 is providing ample information so that a consumer can decide on a property before they need to pick up the phone or send an email to the agent as consumers require the information now not in 24 hours when the agent gets around to responding to their email enquiry.

With technology at the cornerstone of how 4one4 Media House has always operated, we are leading the field in this space. So if you are thinking of selling this year, then Patrick Berry and John McGregor would love to show you how using 4one4 Media Hosue can improve the sale of your home.