Style = Maximum sale value

Recently 4one4 Real Estate took to market a two bedroom unit within the suburb of West Moonah to market. The owners had recently experienced a situation where tenants had trashed the property, and they were going through the process of tidying up the home by painting it throughout and giving the kitchen a mini-makeover to sell the home.

Nearing completion the owners had three agents attend the property included us and the general thought was that the home would sell for around the $310,000 mark. Knowing that the owners had experienced a disappointing end to their investment property we spoke with them about staging the home for sale to help maximise the appeal of the house and in return its value.

Shift Property Styling ended us fitting out the property with beautiful furniture, and as a result, we are excited to say that 4one4 Real Estate achieved a sale price of $335,000 an 8% increase in the value resulting in a $25,000 for an additional investment of five thousand in furniture and real estate marketing.

As an agent retelling this experience it always amazes me how well properties that are styled and presented correctly achieve outstanding results. Beautiful Furniture help prospective buyers visualise a home as to what it can be which is what helps them feel confident about purchasing the property.

Though using styling companies like Shift, I firmly believe that if you are thinking of selling a property that is vacant, then furniture rental services should form an essential component of your marketing budget as an investment in your home will help you return the maximum value for the property when you take the house to the market.

If you would like to learn more about property styling we recently interviewed Adam Luttrell from Shift property Styling on our podcast with the episode below: